"Make straight the way of the Lord"

This Sunday, Dec. 14, 2014, the third Sunday of Advent, is often called "Gaudate" which means, "rejoice". We count it as the mid-point of this season of anticipation. You will notice that the candle we light this Sunday is pink not purple and the priest's stole and other parts of our altar environment are rose suggesting a more rejoicing attitude.

Sunday Readings' Discussion Questions

Third Sunday of Advent, Dec. 14, 2014 (3AdvB)

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Center for Liturgy at Saint Louis University

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BQ: Do Catholics "worship" Mary as we do Jesus?

Questions on Sunday's Readings for use by discussion groups,
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First Reading

Book of the prophet Isaiah, Chapter 61, Verses 1-2a, 10-11

1. The Lord sent Isaiah to bring glad tidings to the poor, to heal the brokenhearted, give liberty to captives and release to prisoners. Do you participate in the sorrows of the world in any way? Are these lines glad tidings for you? On the other hand, do you help with the healing and liberation of prisoners?

2. “As the earth brings forth its plants . . . as a garden makes its growth spring up. . .” Can you trust this God who keeps the earth fruitful year after year, to keep his promises? What gift mentioned in the first and second readings did God plant deep within our hearts to transform us from the inside?

Responsorial Psalm
Luke 1: 46-50, 53-54

1. Our Blessed Mother says, "the Almighty has done great things for me." In what way do you also believe that God has done great things for you, and how have you responded?

2. Mary declares that God has filled the 'hungry' with good things. Do you consider yourself one of the hungry ones? And if so, in what way has the Lord fed you with good things?

Second Reading
First Letter of St. Paul to the Thessalonians, Chapter 5, Verses 18-24

1. How can you actively ensure that the Spirit has opportunities to work in you? How would “test everything and pray without ceasing” work toward that end? How can anyone “rejoice always” when they are suffering? Do you know people who seem to do that?

2. What is the relationship between the Holy Spirit working in the depths of your spirit and God’s peace that is applied to your body, soul and spirit?

According to John, Chapter 1, Verses 6-8, 19-28

1. In the first reading Isaiah was sent with a message from God. In the Gospel God sends John to testify to the light of Christ. Does God send you? How could you testify to the light in some way?

2. What are the “crooked roads and deserts” that bother you most? What would happen if you were the “voice” trying to straighten things out? Who would help you do this?

Sunday Bible Study Group
Please reflect on the Sunday Readings. May we be blessed by God's words as reflected in your thoughts and experience-sharing.

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  1. Barry Lamont12:16 PM

    Mary, the mother of our Lord,
    speaks this psalm of praise (the Magnificat)
    to God in the words of a humble servant:
    “ For he has looked upon his handmaid’s lowliness.”

    Despite her elevated position as God’s chosen instrument,
    Mary does not exalt herself – she exalts God the Father.
    Her soul “proclaims the greatness of the Lord .”
    She glorifies the Lord;
    “The Mighty One has done great things for me.”
    Mary is truly God’s anointed one,
    and the spirit of the Lord is upon her;
    she “rejoices heartily in the Lord.”

    And Mary inspires us:
    we too are God’s lowly creatures,
    and we should expect the Lord
    to do great things for us as well.
    We too should expect to be singled out
    by the Lord to do his work.
    This is our food (to do the Lord’s work)
    just as it was for Jesus the Son.

    Mary testifies to the light
    (as does John the Baptist in our Gospel reading.)
    Because of Mary’s faith,
    the Old Testament promises are fulfilled,
    and the tide is turned—as the Psalm says,
    “the hungry (that is who we are) are filled with good things.”