October 11, 2009, 28th Sunday Cycle B - "Go, sell what you have"

Sunday Reading Reflections
Twenty-eighth Sunday in Ordinary Time, October 11, 2009 (28B)

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First Reading
Book of Wisdom, Chapter 7, Verses 7-11

1. Consider power, money, health, reputation, beauty. Where does wisdom fall in your hierarchy of values? If you rank wisdom first does it stay there? Which of the other values overpowers wisdom most often in your life? 2.

A law student decides to work for social justice instead of a wealthy law firm. How do “all good things come together” for him? How are “countless riches” given to him?

Second Reading
Letter to the Hebrews, Chapter 4, Verses 12-13

1. The Word “discerns reflections and thoughts of the heart.” How do you feel about the Word knowing you better than you know yourself? Do you trust God with such personal things? And would you like to know yourself better?

2. Do motives and attitude color your decision-making? Are your motives and attitudes in good order, or could they use a realignment?

According to Mark, Chapter 10, Verses 17-30

1. Think of people you know who give all the time. What are they like? Do they receive the hundredfold Jesus promised to those who give? What happens to you when you give?

2. Are possessions themselves the difficulty, or is clinging to possessions the problem? Can either one be a stumbling block to a poor person as well as to a wealthy person? Discuss whether you think possessions could be a stumbling block to the Church itself.

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  1. Anonymous7:53 AM

    What is "rich"? We probably all have different opinions on what qualifies as being wealthy (monetarily). What really matters is what we do in our lives to serve others and be charitable through our faith. We cannot be attached to our possessions but I believe God wants us to use our minds optimally to create a better world through our jobs. When we add or create value to mankind, money follows it but this obliges every Catholic to heed their conscience and put their earnings to good use.