November 15, 2009, 33rd Sunday Cycle B - "But of that day or hour, no one knows"

Sunday Reading Reflections
Thirty-third Sunday in Ordinary Time, November 15, 2009 (33B)

Homilies for Sunday
Burning Question: Is it better to pray or to learn the faith?

First Reading
Book of Daniel, Chapter 12, Verses 1-3

1.Can you think of people you have known or known about who have died and are now part of the “cloud of witnesses” St. Paul refers to? What things did those people do that keep their memories alive for you? Which of their qualities would you like to emulate in your life?

2. This reading is about “end times.” Von Balthasthe ar says its purpose is to “make people conscious of the ultimate decision of man for God and God for man.” Where do you stand in your ultimate decision for God? Do you feel that God will take care of you if you consistently try to make decisions in God’s favor?

Second Reading
Letter to the Hebrews, Chapter 10, Verses 11-14, 18

1. Compare and contrast Old Covenant priests with their repeated sacrifices, with Jesus and his one sacrifice. How do the many celebrations of the Eucharist fit into a one-sacrificial event?

2. Jesus won redemption for us. Does he just hand it to us? What part do we have in it? Does God ask you for sacrifices? How can your sacrifices help anything?

According to Mark, Chapter 12, Verses 38-44

1. “The Word of God will not pass away.” List the things in your life that you will be happy to have pass away some day. Is there anything in your life that you do not want to pass away?

2. What do you take with you when you die? Is there any correlation between love and the Word of God that does not pass away? Is there anything you can you do to stretch your capacity to love?

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