"This is the King of the Jews."

In anticipation of the celebration of Christ the King, which marks the end of the Liturgical Year, we will hear Jesus’ prediction of the events that will occur prior to his glorious reign (Luke 21: 5-19). Here, he calls for perseverance and witnessing.

Sunday Readings' Discussion Questions
Solemnity of Christ the King, Nov. 24, 2013 (34C)
From the Center for Liturgy at Saint Louis University

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Burning Question: Why a "crucifix" for Catholics and a plain cross for Protestants?

Questions on Sunday's Readings for use by discussion groups,
prayer groups, or for individual prayer.
First Reading
Second Book of Samuel, Chapter 5, Verses 1-3

1. Compare Jesus and David as shepherds, anointed ones, and kings. What is the difference between their kingships?

2. The elders anointed David king of Israel after making an agreement with him before the Lord. Why was Jesus publicly proclaimed king on the cross?

Responsorial Psalms
Psalm 122: 1-2, 3-4, 4-5

1. Our Psalm speaks of a journey to the Lord's kingdom. What progress are you making along the way on your own journey to the Lord's holy city?

2. The psalmist mentions that he has set foot within the gates of Jerusalem. Describe your decision to walk the walk and go through the narrow gate that leads to redemption and a share in our Lord's inheritance.

Second Reading
Letter of St. Paul to the Colossians, Chapter 1, Verses 12-20

1. “For him all the fullness was pleased to dwell.” What does fullness mean to you? What parts of this fullness do you see in this or that neighbor of yours? What part do you want most to dwell in you?

2. “He is the image of the invisible God. All things in heaven and earth were created in him, through him and for him.” How is our environment a reflection of God? Is it sacred? Think of all the places you find goodness. Are they sacred? What is the goodness and beauty in your life saying to you about God?

According to Luke, Chapter 23, Verses 35-43

1. The good thief reached out to Jesus. How did Jesus respond? If you asked him to remember you in your struggles, what do you think he would say?

2. Is anyone reaching out to you like the thief did? How about at work, at home, in your parish, in the local community, in the world community? If so, what is your response?

Online Sunday Bible Study Group
Please share below your reflections on the above Sunday Readings. May we be blessed by God's words as reflected in your thoughts and experience-sharing.

1 comment:

  1. Barry Lamont9:27 AM

    This Psalm is about a pilgrimage to the holy city of Jerusalem.
    “Let us go to the house of the Lord.” (Verse 1)
    And for us it may also be about a spiritual journey
    that we must embark upon if we are to enter the Lord’s kingdom.
    For us the way is clear –
    We have only to follow God’s beloved son, our Savior.
    For just as God chose David to be the shepherd for his chosen people,
    (1st reading), so God chose his son Jesus to lead us to redemption (2nd reading).
    The gate is narrow, but as the psalmist says,
    “And now our feet are standing within your gates, Jerusalem.”(Verse 2)
    Now too we have a share in Christ’s’ inheritance.
    And what draws us to make the journey through the narrow gate?
    We seek to be with the Lord, just as that thief on his right did (St. Dismas)
    when he said, “Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.” (Gospel)
    The Lord replied, “Today you will be with me in Paradise.”
    This is our goal, too – to complete that pilgrimage that the psalmist speaks about,
    to reach that holy city where are the “thrones of justice,
    the thrones of the house of David.”