"Behold, the Lamb of God"

Sunday Readings' Discussion Questions
Second Sunday in Ordinary Time, Jan. 16, 2011 (2A)
From the Center for Liturgy at Saint Louis University

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BQ: What bible verse anchors your personal spiritual life?

Questions on Sunday's Readings for use by discussion groups,
prayer groups, or for individual prayer.
First Reading
Book of the Prophet Isaiah, Chapter 49, Verses 3, 5-6

1. What in this servant song will Jesus proclaim throughout his ministry?

2. What are some ways that we as Church can be a light to the emerging global family? What is one way you can be a light to your own family and extended family?

Responsorial Psalms
Psalm 40: 2, 4, 7-10

1. The Psalm says the Lord put a 'new song' into our mouths. What does this mean for each of us?

2. Our psalmist, David, says, 'To do your will is my delight.' How do we know what God's will is telling us to do?

Second Reading
First Letter of St. Paul to the Corinthians, Chapter 1, Verses1-3

1. We are called to be holy. What does “holy” mean to you? How is John the Baptist a model of holiness?

2. In Luke’s report of Jesus’ baptism we hear about treatment of the poor. What does outrage at our neighbors’ poverty have to do with holiness?


According to John, Chapter 1, Verses 29-34

1. What is important in this reading, the baptism of Jesus or the testimony of John that God’s plan to save the world would be worked out through Jesus?

2. Why was John so certain about Jesus when he said, “Behold the Lamb of God”? Was John watching for the Spirit? Do you watch for the Spirit in your life? Can you find and trust this Spirit of God?

Online Sunday Bible Study Group
Please share below your reflections on the above Sunday Readings. May we be blessed by God's words as reflected in your thoughts and experience-sharing.

1 comment:

  1. Barry Lamont9:13 AM

    The psalmist waits for the Lord –
    to reach out to him,
    to hear his cry (Verse 2).
    We are like that –
    we are weak on our own –
    we need the Lord’s strength.
    Like the prophet Isaiah says,
    God is our strength (1st reading).
    We put our trust in Him.
    Our God is an awesome God.
    Verse 4 of the Psalm says,
    “Many shall look on [our God] in awe.”
    We are called to be His holy people,
    as St. Paul tells us (2nd reading).
    And our response is (as the psalmist says)
    “Here I am … to do your will is my delight.” (Verses 8, 9)
    In Verse 2 of the Psalm,
    God puts a new song in our hearts.
    And through His Son we receive the Holy Spirit.
    What could be better than that?