Sept. 13, 2009 - 24th Sunday Cycle B

Sunday Reading Reflections
Twenty-fourth Sunday in Ordinary Time
September 13, 2009 (24B)

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First Reading
Book of the prophet Isaiah, Chapter 50, Verses 4-9

1. How does Isaiah’s “set his face like flint” relate to the Gospel message, “Whoever wishes to come after me must deny himself”?
2. They pull his beard and spit in his face. What allows him to endure? What allows you to go through suffering? Is it your faith?

Second Reading
Letter of St. James, Chapter 2, Verses 14-18

1. How do you respond to God’s call to serve your neighbor? With your entire life? In some of your actions? With a few words?
2. How deep is love that is never expressed in actions? Discuss. How would you go about changing from a “talk the talk” person to a “walk the walk” person?

According to Mark, Chapter 8, Verses 27-35

1. Do you want people you love to know you well? Do you think Christ wants you, personally, to know him well? Discuss his words, “But who do you say that I am”?
2. How can “losing your life” be a means to gaining your life? Does this mean denying yourself in some way?

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  1. Anonymous9:03 AM

    True faith must be accompanied by works. It's not enough to believe. We must live our faith by helping the poorest among us. We must see Jesus not just in church but in every single person around us.

  2. Terry Modica9:06 AM

    That's a great resource! In the Good News Reflection for this Sunday (by Good News Ministries), we look at how this Sunday's second reading defines the Catholic doctrine of faith and works and their inter-relationship. Faith in Jesus starts with believing that, in his love for us, he died for us and rose again so that we'll have eternal life. This is what opens the door to heaven. However, to walk through that door, we have to follow Jesus. This requires doing more than believing in his death and resurrection; we also believe in his life – how he lived his life. Following Jesus affects our lifestyles and our day-to-day behavior. How Christ-like is it?

    For the full reflection, please go to

    Good New Ministries also has an online Catholic faith sharing group that discusses the upcoming Sunday's readings and the day's readings during the week also.