December 13, 2009, Third Sunday of Advent - "But one mightier than I is coming"

Sunday Readings Reflections
Third Sunday of Advent, December 13, 2009 (3AdvC)

Sunday Readings
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Burning Question: Should Catholics be offfended by the term "Xmas"?

First Reading
Zephaniah, Chapter 3, Verses 14-18

1. ”He will sing joyfully because of you.” This sentence paints a picture. What are some examples in the world about which you might say, “Listen, God is singing”?

2. Do not fear the Lord is in our midst. This reading says it twice. Have you ever remembered the presence of God in the middle of a crisis? What effect did it have on the you?

Second Reading
Philippians, Chapter 4, Verses 4-7

. St. Paul says that peace will guard our hearts and minds. The conditions? We must rejoice in the Lord always, be kind to all, lose anxiety, make all our requests known to God and thank God as though he has already granted the requests. It is a long list. Are you better at some than others? Which ones need improvement?

2. Maybe you rejoice when you are singing at Mass on Sunday. Are there other times during the week that you experience such joy? What makes you happy in the Lord?

According to Luke, Chapter 3, Verses 10-18

1. What kind of people went to hear John the Baptist and repent? Would you show up to hear someone like John today? What would you want to see and hear? Can people be prophets even though their looks or their behavior is a departure from the norm?

2. When the tax collectors, soldiers and others asked John a question. What should they do to be forgiven and prepare to start a new life? He told them to share their food and clothing with the poor; to be honest and just with their neighbors. How do you think he would answer in today’s world if you asked him that question?

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