December 20, 2009 - "Blessed are you among women"

Sunday Readings' Reflections
Fourth Sunday of Advent, December 20, 2009 (4AdvC)
From the
Center for Liturgy at Saint Louis University

Sunday Readings
Lecturas y Comentarios para Domingo

Questions on Sunday's Readings for use by discussion groups, prayer groups, or for individual prayer.

First Reading
Micah, Chapter 5, Verses 1-4

1. With “embracing majestic ruler” at one end of the continuum and “embracing poverty” at the other, where do you think the Church falls? Why? Where would you like to see it fall? Explain.

2. If you were expecting a majestic ruler how would you have felt about the stable and manger? When you experience poverty in your life, do you accept it as a meeting place with God or do you run from it?

Second Reading
Letter to the Hebrews, Chapter 10, Verses 5-10

1. Why do you think this reading about the “offering of the body of Christ” was chosen for the fourth Sunday of Advent?

2. St. Paul said “by this ‘will’ we have been consecrated” once for all. That means we have been made holy (by association with Christ); set aside. Who is it that has been made holy? Why is Christ’s sacrifice infinitely effective?

According to Luke, Chapter 1, Verses 39-45

1. The infant “leaped for joy” in his mother’s womb at the recognition of the savior. Discuss this moment as mankind’s welcome to the savior. How close do you come to “leaping for joy” when you recognize God’s presence in your life?

2. Where does Mary’s greatness lie in salvation history? How about you? When the Holy Spirit gives you insights, do you always believe them or act on them?

Online Sunday Bible Study Group
Please share your reflections on the above Sunday Readings with other ParishWorld readers. May we be blessed by God's words as reflected in your thoughts and experience-sharing.

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