"Blessed are you who are poor"

Sunday Readings' Discussion Questions
Sixth Sunday in Ordinary Time, February 14, 2010 (6C)
From the Center for Liturgy at Saint Louis University

Sunday Readings
Lecturas y Comentarios
Burning Question: Does God want you to be rich?

Questions on Sunday's Readings for use by discussion groups,
prayer groups, or for individual prayer.

First Reading
Book of the prophet Jeremiah, Chapter 17, Verses 5-8

1. Compare and contrast the tree planted beside the water with the barren bush. Do you identity completely with the tree or do you have some of barrenness in you? Where does choice come into this picture?

2. Do you place your trust in human beings in any areas of your life? Why? In which areas do you place your trust in God?

Second Reading
First Letter of St. Paul to the Corinthians Chapter 15, Verses 12, 16-20

1. Resurrection was a new idea for the early Christians and hard for some to believe. How do you handle new ideas? Is it an automatic rejection, automatic acceptance or do you collect information and study the ideas carefully?

2. Do you think every truth was present at the foundation of the Church or do you think some truths evolve with time and circumstances? How does the idea of resurrection impact your life now? What would your life be like now if you had no hope of resurrection?

According to Luke, Chapter 6, Verses 17, 20-26

1. Disciples must suffer, that we know. But do we have to be constantly poor or hungry? We must remember our need for God, whatever the situation. Do you remember once and for all time, or do you have to renew it repeatedly? Discuss.

2. Talk about the following statements in the light of a need for God as opposed to self-sufficiency.

Blessed are you who are poor.
Blessed are you who are now hungry.
Blessed are you who are now weeping.
Blessed are you when people hate you,
exclude and insult you.

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