"This is my chosen Son; listen to him."

Sunday Readings' Discussion Questions
Second Sunday in Lent, February 28, 2010 (2LentC)
From the Center for Liturgy at Saint Louis University

Sunday Readings
Lecturas y Comentarios
Burning Question: What is Faith?

Questions on Sunday's Readings for use by discussion groups,
prayer groups, or for individual prayer.

First Reading
Book of Genesis, Chapter 15, Verses 5-12, 17-18

1. A covenant is a formal binding agreement, a promise between two parties. What did God promise Abraham? What did Abraham promise? Do you and we keep the bargain?

2. Abraham when he was faced with great uncertainties later. Do you think remembering these promises helped? What helps you face uncertainties and need to make decisions? Is God with you?

Second Reading
Letter of St. Paul to the Philippians,
Chapter 3, Verses 17-21; Chapter 4, Verse 1

1. Paul is urging the Philippians to keep their priorities straight. Do you find that an easy task? “Their minds are occupied with earthly things.” Would you fit right in with the Philippians in this? Discuss. Who or what helps you with the struggle of shoveling out the earthly things from your mind?

2. Paul talks about those “whom I love and long for, my joy and crown.” He really does love these people. Is it easier to take correction from someone who loves you than someone who doesn’t? Is there a lesson here?

According to Luke, Chapter 9, Verses 28-36

1. Jesus told the disciples about the upcoming events and they didn’t accept the news well. How were the words, “This is my Son. Listen to him,” a stamp of approval from the Father on all that was about to take place? What does the transfiguration mean to you?

2. Peter prattled on without making much sense. How do you react to situations or to ideas you cannot comprehend? Automatic Rejection? Openness?

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Please share your reflections on the above Sunday Readings with other ParishWorld readers. May we be blessed by God's words as reflected in your thoughts and experience-sharing.

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