"I am the gate. Whoever enters through me will be saved."

We may misunderstand the voice of God, the shepherd, ignore it, resist it, button our ears to it, but in our moments of sane and solitary wholeness—or maybe in our times of trouble—our spirits pulse to the rhythm of that voice. It resounds within us. If we are going to be anybody's sheep, then let it be Christ's. 

Sunday Readings' Discussion Questions
Fourth Sunday of Easter, May 11, 2014 (4EasterA)
From the Center for Liturgy at Saint Louis University

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First Reading
Acts of the Apostles, Chapter 2, Verses 14a, 36-41

1. The people listening to Peter’s sermon were “cut to the heart” with remorse. What cuts you to the heart? The listeners asked, “Brothers, what should we do?” What action did they take? With what kinds of actions do you respond?

2. Define conversion. Is conversion a once-in-a-lifetime experience? Explain. Who needs conversion? Does conversion involve only a change of behaviors?

Responsorial Psalms

Psalm 23: 1-6

1. If you are one of his sheep, your shepherd will guide you beside restful waters, according to the Psalm. Do you think the analogy of sheep and shepherd is a good one to apply to the relationship your have with the Lord? Why?

2. It is said that David wrote this Psalm on his deathbed. Do you believe the Psalm would be a source of peace for a person facing death? If so, why?

Second Reading
First Letter of St. Peter, Chapter 2, Verses 20b-25

1.Christ’s innocence and lack of vengeance show us what God’s love is like. Does he leave you an example to follow? How can suffering be an occasion of grace?

2. Peter is referring to a kind of suffering that is inflicted on a person for doing something good. Give examples in which this has been the case. Have you had this experience?

According to John, Chapter 10, Verses 1-10

1. Flocks would recognize the sound of the shepherd’s voice and come to him, ignoring other shepherds’ voices. In your life can you discern which “voice” belongs to the Good Shepherd? Which of the following is your favorite comparison of Christ to a good shepherd: calling by name, recognition of voice, following the shepherd, not following strangers, shepherd as the gate?

2. The shepherd gathers his sheep into a secure place with one opening and no door. He protects the sheep by lying across the gateway. Is Christ, the Good Shepherd, like this? Can you feel the security of being guarded in this way?

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  1. Barry Lamont9:48 AM

    This Psalm is one of the great prayers of the Church.
    David’s words are a source of peace for us,
    a source of strength, of healing.
    The Lord provides for us,
    as he does the little sparrows
    and the lilies of the field –
    “there is nothing I shall want.”

    The Lord restores us,
    as we bring our sins to the cross.
    St. Peter (2nd reading) says
    we had gone astray like sheep,
    but have returned to the shepherd and guardian of our souls.
    Who wouldn’t return to the shepherd
    with promises like those in the Psalm?

    We are like sheep,
    and the Lord guides us.
    We fear no harm
    because the Good Shepherd is at our side.
    As in the Gospel reading,
    we who enter the gate will be saved, will find pasture.

    But the Psalm promises more.
    We are to be anointed by the Lord,
    we are to receive the sacraments.
    “You anoint my head with oil, my cup over flows.”
    This cup becomes for us
    the precious blood of Christ,
    the source of our salvation.
    What follows is all kinds of spiritual blessings,
    the “abundance of grace,” as St. John puts it.
    The Lord covenants with us
    that we shall dwell
    in the house of the Lord forever.
    What could be better than that?